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What Happened With The Sea Serpent?

What Happened With The Sea Serpent?

What Happened With The Sea Serpent?

What Happened With The Sea Serpent?

This is one question I have been getting a lot this week. For those who don’t know, right now we are in our full blown off-season. 

For Morey’s Piers this is the time of year that they take apart their rides and get them ready for the winter. For some rides it’s as easy as just covering them up but for others their ride cars are taken back to Dino Beach (Hunt’s Pier) to be stored in-doors. 

There is one thing that we have seen so far this season that is out of the ordinary. Earlier last week two cranes made their way on to the beach and got set up next to Mariners Pier.

A few days later, lift hill two (the right drop block tower) of the Sea Serpent was taken apart and laid out on the beach.

We were lucky enough to visit the coaster parts and film it for you. (At the bottom of the article)

The reason for this dismantlement? Just some simple tender love and care. The Sea Serpent, known as the boomerang coaster world wise, was the first of it’s kind to be built in the states back in 1984. Since then the coaster hasn’t seen an overhaul on it’s track. It has seen some heating and bending of the tracks but not a track replacement.

We learned that Morey’s is going to be replace the right lift hill which will also include an upgraded ride system on that hill. (chain and breaks).

The ride should be open and ready to go for opening day next season.

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