Do You Remember The Morey's Piers "Star Wars" Ride?

Do You Remember The Morey’s Piers “Star Wars” Ride?

Do You Remember The Morey’s Piers Star Wars Ride?

Yes, you are reading that right. For our younger readers, Morey’s Piers used to have a “Star Wars” ride located on Morey’s Pier (Surfside Pier today). Let’s dive into this short lived ride.

In 1975 Morey’s Piers brought in a very odd looking attraction to their pier. It was in the shape of a UFO “flying saucer.” (We will get info more detail on this show building at another time) It was craned on the pier and placed right in front of the Haunted House.

Before licensing and copyright laws were what they were today, Morey’s Piers always stayed with the most trending movies.  At this time there were two very popular television shows on the air; “Star Trek” and “Planet of the Apes.” Morey’s engineering decided to combined these two shows into a ride called “Star Trek: Journey to the Planets of The Apes.” This attraction would take place within this flying saucer.

Planets of The Apes was a one-of-a-kind attraction which allowed riders to travel through space until their ride was cut short by apes who would attack the crew.

In 1978 Morey’s changed the theming again to a different theme. As you may guess, it was changed to Star Wars. While the theme changed the show was similar but instead of getting attacked by apes it was Darth and his crew.

Now I bet you are wondering what happened to the show building. Well it changed hands many times. Currently it is Greenwich, New Jersey just sitting around. Here’s a photo of what it looks like today.

If you have a great memory of the ride let us know!

Photos by Mark Russo

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