Seaport Pier Swim Club Pricing Announced

Just yesterday Seaport Pier posted on their Facebook page 

The prices for the membership of the swim club and they surely got the attention of many people.

If you have no idea what we are taking about check out our announcement article about Seaport Pier (CLICK HERE)

The pricing is as followed.

Basic Membership:

Basic Membership cost eight hundred dollars ($800) for the first member and two hundred dollars ($200) per additional adult. To add a child to the basic plan it will cost one hundred dollars ($100). You can only have a maximum of seven (7) people under the basic membership.

Single Member Package

Single Member Package cost five hundred dollars ($500) per person.

Both of these memberships includes;

  1. Unlimited towel service

  2. locker storage (first come, first served)

  3. Four (4) free day guest passes

  4. Cabana reservation (first come, first served)

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Premium Membership:

Premium Membership cost one thousand dollars ($1,000) as an annual fee and two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) per adult and one hundred dollars ($100) per child. You can only have a maximum of seven (7) people with the Premium Membership.

The Premium Membership includes;

  1. Unlimited towel service

  2. Dedicated seasonal lockers

  3. Eight (8) free day guest passes

  4. Preferred access to cabana reservation

  5. Pre-sale ticket eligibility for ticketed events

So those are the prices of the Starboard Swim Club in North Wildwood’s Seaport Pier. WE WANT to hear what you think about it. Comment below or on our Facebook post.

Below is a photo of the pricing the Seaport Pier posted

LAST THING, yesterday we filmed an update on what the pier looks like right now. In the video you are able to see the pilings for where the pool is going to be placed. It stretches towards Sportland Pier.  Check it out below!


If you have any questions or if you want to get a membership, check out Seaport Pier’s main website HEREWe are excited to have this pier open to the public! 

History of Seaport Village

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      Jackie Connor

      The prices are outragous!!! Don’t know how any middle class families can afford it. You can get a motel or condo with a pool for that price. I thought Wildwood wanted to be more family oriented, I don’t know any family that can afford that. We already have to pay big money for a place to stay and then how would someone pay that amount of money to be on the beach with a pool. Who came up with those prices?? Crazy way over the top prices?? Are we in Beverly Hills or Wildwood.? My gosh. Well good luck with that. you will probably go out of business in a couple years. A waste when something else could’ve been in that spot. Something affordable and fun for the whole family..what a waste


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