Surfside Pier Gets Reinforced

Surfside Pier Gets Reinforced

Surfside Pier Gets Reinforced

With all the excitement and renovations taking place at Morey’s Piers Surfside pier an odd sight was observed this past weekend.

For those who don’t know, Morey’s Piers is rearranging Surfside pier to make room for their newest coaster, The Runaway Tram. If you want to see the announcement for the coaster click the link below.

Runaway Tram Press Release

Over the weekend Morey’s decided to deconstruct the pier and replace the wood where the new coaster is going.

This was so that Morey’s could add stronger wood that could handle the weight of the new coaster.

By looking at the photos of the coaster it looks like the supports will be held only to the boards and not cemented in the ground like the Great Nor’Easter.

Below our friend Mikey Cap filmed a quick video of how the pier looks without it’s top layer of wood.

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