Taylor Swift Features Jersey Shore Town In Music Video

On Friday July 24th, Taylor Swift released the surprise album, “Folklore,” for her fans. The 16 track album was released on many platforms including iTunes, Youtube and Spotify.

Taylor Swift Features Jersey Shore Town In Music Video

Taylor Swift Features Jersey Shore Town In Music Video

At the time of the release there was no real music video on Youtube for the songs BUT if you downloaded the full album on Spotify, or waited through the full playlist, you were greeted with some videos and photos of Taylor.

In the song, “seven,” (and yes she spells it without the capital S” you would have seen something very familiar in the video about 30 seconds in.

The photo used was of a young Taylor Swift wearing a sweater that said “Sea Isle City!” That’s right! One of our sister shore towns here in South Jersey.

Just a little back ground info for those who don’t know. The Swift family is from West Reading, Pennsylvania and during the summer they used to frequent the Jersey shore. She moved to Nashville in 2004 but her memories of Pennsylvania are still vivid as her song, “Christmas Tree Farm” is about growing up in a tree farm in PA.

While there haven’t been confirmed sightings of Swift in the area since 2014, it is still cool to see a local town get throw into the spotlight!

Tune back later for more info!

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