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Remember These Wildwood Restaurants? – Part 2

Remember These Wildwood Restaurants?

Remember These Wildwood Restaurants?

Remember These Wildwood Restaurants? – Part 2

With the Wildwoods being over 135 years old (if you count Anglesea) the island has seen it’s share of iconic restaurants. In a Facebook poll this weekend we asked you all to name some of your favorite restaurants that are no longer around.

This is Page 2. If you missed the first five click HERE – Page 1


5 – Schumann’s Restaurant

Built in 56 for William G. and Mary E. Schumann. Designed and built by Will Morey. A go to place for breakfast and the “Plank” special! Torn down in 2003.

4 – Duffy’s On The Lake

This long time landmark on Sunset lake had breath taking sunsets. It was closed in late 2013 and torn down in 2014.

3 – Groff’s Restaurant

Groff’s Restaurant was one of the most iconic restaurant ‘just off’ of the boardwalk. If you went to Groff’s you always saved room for Pie….if not then you did it all wrong!!

2 – Captain’s Table

The Captain’s Table was unlike any other. From the massive shark hanging outside to the beach views, this place had class. Do you remember their breakfast buffet??

1 – Zaberer’s

This was an easy one and a crowd favorite. Home of the ‘Zaberized’ cocktail, cheap $7.95 dinners and crazy decorations! Who else remembers when waiting for dinner involved just looking at the decorations rather then being on the phone!?

Do you agree with our list? If so give it a share!

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