The Disney Cape May Connection

Let’s be honest, at some point in your many years of vacationing here in Cape May and in the Wildwoods, you heard some kind of rumor about Disney coming down here.

The Disney Cape May Connection

The Disney Cape May Connection

For instance, these rumors you could have heard were that Disney stole the idea of the Jungle Cruise ride from Hunt’s Jungle Cruise (on hunts pier). Maybe another rumor you heard was that Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was based off of Hunt’s Golden Nugget coaster.

Some of the rumors that I’ve heard growing up here was that Disney designed the Grand Floridian based off the Cape May Point Nun Retreat House (Sisters of St Joseph), or that at one point Disney was thinking about building a theme park outside of the Wildwoods (and Cape May) in Middle Township.

As a Wildwood historian I always wanted to know what was true or what was just malarkey.

Knowing that Cape May and the Wildwoods are some of the happiest places on earth it would make sense if Disney came down here.

For the past three months i’ve been tracking down every rumor ever heard to see what was true and what was just made up.

You would be surprised to hear some of the rumors  researched for this project. For example, one rumor was that Walt Disney was best friends with William C Hunt, who owned Hunt’s pier and theaters. 

With the help from historians at Disney, Architects from around the country and local historians and business owners, we can finally piece together this Disney Cape May Connection… and your going to be surprised.

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