The Cape May Restaurant That Sits On A Sunken Ship

The Cape May Restaurant That Sits On A Sunken Ship


The Cape May Restaurant That Sits On A Sunken Ship

Come in closer as I tell you a story about a Cape May Restaurant that sits above a sunken ship. That’s Right!!! 

This is one of those stories I had only heard in passing but never had the full story. It’s the interesting story of the ferry boat, SS Utica. I created a mini-documentary this ship and what happened to it. The video is located at the bottom of the page. Before you watch it here is some information. 

Back in 1910 the New York Central Railroad needed a Ferry to help move goods up and down the Hudson river. They decided to purchase two new Ferries. The first one they bought was the SS Utica which had a length of 180 feet.

From 1910 until the early 1960s the Utica made thousands of trips up and down the Hudson. In the mid 1960s the NY Central Railroad started having financial issues which lead to it’s closing in 1968.

In an effort to save the company they started to sell off some of their extra vessels an use the money to get them out of debt.  The Utica was one of the ships they sold.

Local Wildwood business owner Ward Bright, brought the Utica and came up with and interesting idea for it.

(Watch the video below) 

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