Why I Love Wildwood – By Julianna Perez

Hey all, Joey here! 


Yesterday I was talking to Julianna Perez who was explaining to me that for school she was asked to write about something she loved. The topic she wrote about was Wildwood. I asked her if I could share her paper and this is what she wrote. I am guessing we all feel this way! 

I hope this puts a smile on your face! 

Have you ever had a happy place? Where you go when you’re upset or simply just a place that just brings your spirits up. I have one specific place that brings a smile to my face just hearing about it. Sometimes i even watch videos of people on the rollercoasters or doing pov’s and vlogging their experience.

Driving into Wildwood usually we have the windows down if it’s not too hot. Me and my family have the music blasting and we are all smiling. As we get closer to wildwood we enter towns that are closer to the shore. You begin to see the seagulls flying towards shore, hear them squawking, and watch them steal people’s food right from their hands. Soon you start to run into traffic which is probably the worst part because i’m very impatient. The tags you’ll see are people from many other states to come to the shore. Whether it’s for family, a beach house, the rides, or the beach. While driving and getting closer to the boardwalk you enter the city of wildwood. You see many smiling faces, families with children, people in their early 20’s with friends, and sometimes even dogs.There are tons of stores that are somewhat costly and tons of seafood restaurants to eat at. Contrary to people, there aren’t many parking spots. Parking spots are the most hard thing to find. So you have to do a little bit of driving around and you’ll catch yourself doing many circles around the same places.Once you find the right parking you pay and you unload your car. Usually me or my parents bring a bag with towels, water, and our money in it. We always bring towels for the heat, water parks, and my favorite ride the log flume. If you’re going to the beach you can unload your beach chairs, bright green towels, white lunch boxes, and umbrellas. Stepping onto the beach sand you’ll feel a blistering hotness from the sun beating on the sand, that’s why you run to the soft brown part of the beach. Right where the beach sand and ocean water meet. It’s almost like their holding hands.

Why I Love Wildwood - By Julianna Perez

Why I Love Wildwood – By Julianna Perez

Arriving at the boardwalk in wildwood, it fills my heart with joy. I walk up the old ramps that take you in the middle of the boardwalk all depending on where you park. The boardwalk boards are very dark brown and have gum, food, and anything else people manage to get on the boards. The boardwalk has 2 striped yellow lines going down the middle of the boardwalk and in between those yellow lines is a strip of concrete. That special strip is for the famous Tram Car. It takes you from one side of the boardwalk to the other so you don’t have to walk as much. It’s bright yellow like a bee with a dark blue top. It has about 30 seats on it and a driver who sits in the front. While walking you can hear this message repeat over and over “WATCH THE TRAM CAR PLEASE”. Continuing down the boardwalk you pass many different stores such as pizzerias, ice cream shops, arcades, mini golf, old time photos, and much more.My favorite store has to be the tee shirt shops, you pick out a design and a plain colored tee shirt, than the store owners print it on the shirt and for extra money they laminate it so it lasts longer. You can see the rollercoasters and hear people screaming, you hear the seagulls talking to each other about who’s food they’re going to steal next, and you hear the workers trying to persuade you to play their games. You can smell the funnel cake and pizza. You see the bright blue sky and feel the sun’s rays hit your skin making you warm and giving you a beautiful tan. The water parks are just as fun and even better on a hot day. All of the water at the water park smells like chlorine and gets my hair a little knotty. The lines feel like they last forever for rides and the water park slides. But once you’re in the front and your next, it’s the best feeling in the world. You’re instructed by a worker when you can go or not. Going down the slides it feels like you’re going 1000 miles per hour. The water is rushing down the slide with you while you slip and slide all around. Finally you hit the water you fall off your raft and get a big splash of water in your eyes and nose. It’s in that moment you realize this is the happiest place on earth.

There are many other reasons as to why I love wildwood. I have been going there my whole life and it has always brought anticipation, happiness, and fun. It brings my family together to do something we all enjoy. It’s an experience that I’m glad I have had. Bring your kids, families, and even pets it’s a great day to be in wildwood.