New Islands In Hereford Inlet? (Super Low Tide)

New Islands In Hereford Inlet? (Super Low Tide)

New Islands In Hereford Inlet? (Super Low Tide)

The Hereford Inlet, located between North Wildwood and Stone Harbor, is in a constant state of change. There is never a way to tame Mother Nature!

Knowing that this summer boaters will need to know to navigate these waters we were asked to film what the inlet looked like and what new obstacles are there.

For those who don’t know, the inlet is a tough one to navigate due to the shifting sand. For the past few years the currents have pushed the sand from Avalon and Stone Harbor South into the inlet. This sand, for the most part, gets depositing on the Wildwood beaches. This is why the beaches get bigger and bigger. Some times the same stays in the Inlet. It’s when this happens that new islands or sand bars form.

Just a little info about the video. I was asked to film this during the super-moon’s low tide. The reason why this was important was that we would be able to see more of the inlet’s layout. During a normal low-tide some of these sandbars aren’t shown. With this data boaters can study where the bars are and plan to Circumnavigate them.

While filming this video in 4K we are able to map the inlet perfectly and see many new islands. I joke and say that they remind me of “the Pirates of the Caribbean.”

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