Historic Photos of The Concrete Ship Found!

The beautiful thing about the internet is the fact that every single day we are able to share photos and videos of the past to people who wouldn’t have been able to see it unless it was physically in our hands. Case in point, new photos of the Concrete Ship have been uploaded online thanks to Sue Glaser Tracey.

Sue’s grand father Capt Donald Douglass and Great Uncle Wally Douglass were both River Pilots on the Delaware River.

Wally was an avid photographer who would take photos of everything on the water including Cape May’s concrete ship.

Below are some of the photos that Wally and Donald took of the concrete ship. As far as I know these are the oldest photos of the ship.

Now it you want to take it a step further, we have on file the first ever video of the concrete ship. Click the link below to watch that.

Cape May Concrete Ship In 1927

Here are the photos

Historic Photos of The Concrete Ship Found

Historic Photos of The Concrete Ship Found

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