Everyone has heard of the The SS Atlantus, Cape May’s Concrete Ship, check out how the concrete ship was launched into action. 

The SS Atlantus, was launched on December 5th 1918, and was the second (2nd) concrete ship constructed in the World War I Emergency Fleet. All in all there were only twelve (12) concrete ships completed out of the original amount that was scheduled to be made.

Built by the Liberty Ship Building Company in Brunswick, Georgia, the concrete ships were truly an interesting concept that the United Stated needed to help with World War I.

We found an awesome video for you that we had to share with you! This video shows you how the concrete ship was launched on December 5th 1918. This ship in this video is not Concrete Ship #2/ The SS Atlantus, but is instead Concrete Ship #8 but it still gives you a good idea how our SS Atlantus was launched.

The video description is as followed. “The launching of ‘Concrete No. 8’ ship shows a woman breaking a bottle across the bow of the concrete ship at a dock. The ship gets underway. Location: Georgia United States.”

While you’re here. CLICK HERE for a video of the Concrete Ship from 1927! Amazing footage!!