The Children's Fresh Air Home Update

The Children’s Fresh Air Home Update

The Children’s Fresh Air Home Update

I am so glad to be giving you all an update on the Children’s Fresh Air Home here in North Wildwood.

For those who don’t know about the Children’s Fresh Air Home in North Wildwood here is a quick little summary.

For nearly a century (1923), the Children’s Fresh Air Home, located at 1100 Surf Avenue in North Wildwood, provided a summer experience for over 20,000 disadvantaged children in the Philadelphia/South Jersey region.

By 2006, the structure was in critical need of repair. Work began, but was subsequently halted due to a lack of funds.

The funding for the project was broken down into three phases. 1. Building a strong support, 2. rehabbing the outside of the building including new roof, siding, decking and plants, 3. rebuilding and furnishing the inside.

As of today Phase 2 is under way but they still need funding for phase 3.

We put together a video update on the CFRH and what the future will hold for it. All the details are in the video so be sure to watch to the end! 

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