Wildwood FD Trains In Soon to Be Demolished House

For those who don’t know, the old Victorian at 7011 pacific is being knocked down. No one ever likes to see a beautiful house such as this get knocked down but there is one cool aspect of it that I wanted to share with you. 

The Wildwood Fire Department asked the owners if they could use this opportunity to do some training in the house. That’s right! 

This is a fairly normal practice that the city does. There is only so much practice and training our fire departments can do without being in the situation. For the new guys this is a great opportunity to learn while not being under pressure.  

Most recently they trained in the old McDonalds to learn how to fight a grease fire. 

I was driving by the other day and happen to notice them there. Here is a quick video and some photos from inside to just show you what their training looks like. Take a look!

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