Wildwood Featured In New Movie

Wildwood Featured In New Movie

Wildwood Featured In New Movie

Over the summer an indie film shot in Wildwood without many of us knowing. The movie “Intrusion” is the latest film to be shot in the Wildwoods.

Written by Brad Grimm and Brian Broome and starring Jarrod DiGiorgi, the movie, Intrusion is set to be released this year.

Here is the synopsis;

“”Retired” Detective Michael Manzeno is hired to investigate the mysterious death of Caroline Lockmeyer in the beachfront town of Ocean Crest. In order to unravel the truth surrounding Caroline’s death, Zeno must harness his gift – “The Messenger,” an aberration of his past who guides him through the web of dangers lurking beneath the surface of this decaying beach town. The case quickly grows more complicated revealing a string of drugs, violence, and corruption stemming from the Cardinal Skulls, a dangerous cult seeking power beyond the physical world. All the while Zeno’s assisted by an eager local cop named Mundorff who’s motivated, in part, by his romantic past with Caroline. Manzeno’s encounters in Ocean Crest force him to explore the dark side of man, an antiquated American town, and his own haunted past.”

Though the full release date hasn’t been announced yet it is still cool to know that another movie was filmed down here.

Other movies that had been shot down here are “The Wetlands” and “Higher Grounds.”

Tune back in for more information.

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