10 Commandments of Eating Crabs

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As crabbing season is in full swing let’s make sure we all know the 10 commandments of eating crabs. These are commandments that everyone should follow!

1. When buying crabs, order mediums when you’re having guests over, order larges for you and your significant other and only order monster jumbos when nobody is within 500 feet from you. And smalls are just for gravy crabs!
2.  Every style of picking is both right and wrong. Legs first? Body first? nut cracker? Mallet? Pick” or eat everything first and save the claws to the end… They are all correct!
3. Once you pull a crab from the pile it’s your crab. You can’t pick up a few a weight each one until you find one you like. This isn’t the “Guess Your Weight” game on the boardwalk.
4. With Crabs there is no limit to how many you eat nor is there an even split across the board. Everyone eats as many crabs as they want and the slow eaters just need to catch up.
5. If you don’t pick all the meat in the crab you will get called out. An unjustified trashing of a meaty crab is a red card and your can’t continue until you finish it. You won’t be invited back if you throw it away.
6. Don’t dare ask anyone to pick a crab for you. The crab you pull is your pick. If you don’t pick the crab that you pull then another picker won’t pick the pulled crab that you pulled. Does it make sense? Pick your own crab.
7.  If you get up to wash your hands you are now everyone’s personal assistant. You now have to take care of the things that the dirty handers can’t do with crab and old bay on their hands. That includes; answering text messages, taking photos, clear the shells, get hair ties…. etc
8. Don’t wear white. Simply, if you wear white get prepared to ruin that shirt as it will be orange by the time you are done and that stuff does not come out. Ask my wife, she is the one making me add this one in here.
9. The last woman or man still eating crabs gets bragging rights. We have a golden crab in our house. Seriously we do!
10. Last and the most important. If you eat crabs, don’t you dare have ice cream after it!!! If you have no idea what we are referring to then try it and come back!

So what do you think of our 10 Commandments of Eating Crabs?

Do you agree? Did we miss one? Comment them below!!

Check out this video below of us catching crabs!