How To Pick Up A Horseshoe Crab

I was on the North Wildwood beach yesterday and noticed a large crowd forming at the water’s edge. When I went to see what the excitement was about I saw that they were watching a horseshoe crab try to flip over.

Many people are scared to touch a horseshoe crab or know how to pick one up to position it back on it’s legs. I went over and showed everyone two ways of picking them up and bringing them back to the water.

One person had mentioned that they found a horseshoe crab walking all the wrong way to the water but they were scared to pick them up.

I decided that I wanted to put together a little video for you to show you how to pick up a Horseshoe Crab and bring it back to the water just incase you encounter the same thing.

The biggest thing to remember that you should never pick it up via it’s tail.

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