1,500 Summer Jobs Now Available at Morey’ Piers

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1,500 Summer Jobs Now Available at Morey' Piers

1,500 Summer Jobs Now Available at Morey’ Piers

 Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Water Parks, located on the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ is NOW hiring for seasonal staff with more than 1,500 positions available.  

Morey’s Piers is ramping up its seasonal hiring in an effort to provide guests with the level of safety and service they have come to expect when visiting this premier seaside amusement park. “Unlike last year, we are heading into this season with a clearer vision of our planned operating schedule,” said Denise Beckson, Vice President of Human Resources. “This allows us to get a jump start on our hiring efforts and for prospective employees to start planning ahead and securing their summer employment with us.”

Morey’s Piers is seeking enthusiastic, outgoing, and responsible team players to fill seasonal jobs for this upcoming summer season. Employment opportunities are available in various departments, including Ride Operations, Lifeguards, Food & Beverage, Games Operator, Admissions and more. Seasonal positions begin at $12.00 per hour and associates will receive additional perks including: free use of the amusement rides and water parks, discounted passes for friends and family, discounts on food and beverage, and more. Positions may last through the fall, with the greatest 

number of jobs available during the summer months. 

Positions are available beginning in late April with flexible hours and schedules. Online applications are being accepted at: https://www.moreyspiers.com/jobs/summer-jobs.

Many of the seasonal positions at Morey’s Piers are filled with local college/high school students, teachers, and retirees who live and work in the Wildwoods each summer. Last season, Morey’s Piers also saw a record number of Alumni who came back to work around their full-time employment schedules. Ken Marsaglia, Head Football Athletic Trainer for Monmouth University, was one of them. “My schedule allowed me the opportunity,” said Marsaglia. “And I always enjoyed my job and time working with my friends in the water parks.” Ken worked at Raging Waters from 2010- 2014 and helped in a supervisory and lifeguard role last summer.

Morey’s Piers also supplements its domestic work force with several hundred international exchange students participating in the U.S. State Department’s Bridge USA Program. A program that Morey’s Piers says is beneficial in more ways than just one. 

 “Our local and regional population continues to be a critical role in filling the 1,500 jobs that are available each summer, but it’s simply not enough,” added Beckson. “The Bridge USA program allows us to supplement our domestic workforce while, at the same time, creating a fun and diverse work environment for our employees.”  

Morey’s Piers is scheduled to open on May 8th, 2021. For more information on employment please visit, https://www.moreyspiers.com/jobs or email HR@moreyspiers.com.

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