Castle Dracula Pre-Demolition Footage

It’s sometimes easy to forget how quick time flies. It felt just like yesterday we were walking the spooky halls of Castle Dracula.

Castle Dracula Pre-Demolition Footage

Castle Dracula Pre-Demolition Footage

What is crazy to think about is that Castle Dracula has been gone for 19 years. (Yeah, that may have put time in prospective for you).

Much of the younger generation may not have known what this attraction was. In short it was built in 1977 and was known as a indoor walk-through/ride through dark ride.

This attraction has two options, take the walking tour upstairs or the boat ride into the dungeon. Both options were terrifying for some.

Back on January 16th, 2002 Castle Dracula burnt to the grown after two juveniles  broke in.

The 4-alarm fire caused engines all around Cape May County to the scene to put out the fire and save what they can.

Sadly after the smoke had cleared not much was left.

A few weeks later whatever was left of the building was torn down.

Luckily for us one person decided to film one final video showing what was left.

Check out the pre-demolition footage of Castle Dracula.

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