Toyota Features Morey’s Piers in Ad for New Car

It’s always amazing to see Wildwood featured in different advertisements around the country.

Today we were delighted by being tagged in a photo by the car company Toyota.

Toyota Features Morey’s Piers in Ad for New Car

Toyota Features Morey’s Piers in Ad for New Car

In an advertisement posted on their Instagram and Instagram stories they feature a photo of their new car the LQ  sitting in front of Morey’s Piers Mariners Pier (Landing).

The LQ is “a concept vehicle that leverages advanced technology to build an emotional bond between car and driver” according to their website. As they put it, this is the car of the future will will be fully automated.

What made this advertisement interesting was the fact that the photo they used was a photo from or 9 years ago.  Somehow they were able to make the photos look like it was just taken.

Some of the Dead giveaways on the photo being old is the fact that the wave swinger has been replaced and raised up, the Jack-in-the-Box is no longer there, and the Giant Wheel has a different lighting package.

It’s still extremely incredible that they were able to blend this photo so well into the car. If you look they even got the reflection of the Sea Serpent coaster on the front window.

Thank you to Toyota for featuring are amazing Sea Side town in their advertisement.

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