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Demolition Trackers Are Sitting Outside Piro’s

Demolition Trackers Are Sitting Outside Piro’s

It’s never a good sign when you see a demolition tracker outside one of your local restaurants.

Suzanne Gilson was walking around North Wildwood and happened to walk past Piro’s Village Restaurant, located at 1902 New York Ave, and saw something alarming, a demolition excavator tractor.

Demolition Trackers Are Sitting Outside Piro's

Demolition Trackers Are Sitting Outside Piro’s

This stirred up a bunch of questions online on what’s going on with Piro’s

A few months ago we announced that there was a strong possibility that Piro’s could be coming down. If you want to read the full article click the link below.

Piro’s Restaurant Could Be Demolished

In short, an application was submitted to the City of North Wildwood’s zoning and planning board that detailed plans for three new structures at this location.

The letter goes on to say; that they want to “consolidate the existing lots…and construct one single family detached dwelling on the 40’x100’ and two single family semidetached side-by-side duplex dwelling on each 50’x90’ lot.”

Piro’s hasn’t even been knocked down yet but there is already a listing online for the properties to purchase. Click Here to see that listing.

Now at this moment there is still NO confirmation on if Piro’s is being torn down. Things always seem to change around the island BUT if we see movement on the property we will be sure to let you know.

Piro’s first opened on the island back in 1955 and is located only one block away from my house. It was one of our favorite spots to eat and one that my grandparents used to take us to. The Piro family went through a loss this past year and with the Covid pandemic things were really tough for them. We do hope what we are seeing isn’t true.

If you ever want a taste of Piro’s, their head chef, Robert Zsitkovsky, now works over at Coastal Prime located on 3001 Pacific Ave.

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