2020 Irish Weekend Details

As you know, The Irish Festival and Parade has been cancelled BUT that isn’t stopping folks from coming down for Irish Weekend.

2020 Irish Weekend Details - N. Wildwood

2020 Irish Weekend Details – N. Wildwood


On Tuesday we asked you all to send us any questions about this weekend and we would answer them for you. Here we go!

The biggest question we have been getting is what will be going on for the weekend. Let’s dive into what we know.

Because the physical festival is cancelled there will be NO vendors, NO Irish Weekend trolleys, NO 5K Run and NO stage area…etc

Most bars will be featuring some kind of entertainment BUT there are limits on place on who could be able to watch these shows. Remember Covid-19 restrictions are still a thing and the city will be enforcing these rules.

Let’s look at The Inlet On Olde for an exmaple of these restrictions. If you want a booth you have to reserve it plus there is a $10 cover. These are somethings you would have to book in advance to guarantee a spot.

On places like Seaport Pier, you can grab a table BUT just like they did all summer there is no dancing. You have to remain at your table.

There are many places still having live entertainment such as North Shore (who will have Jamison Celtic Rock) Anglesea Pub, (Ray Coleman, Wee Neil Mac Thiarnáin, Jamie Ratchford,CJ & Seamus and more) and so many more so be sure to check out your favorite place before going to see if reservations are required.

For those looking for a list of what will be open be sure to click the link below.

What’s Open This Weekend In The Wildwoods Sept 25th – 27th

Tune back later for more details and info.

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