2021 Beach Blast Registration Is Open!

There is good news coming out of the Wildwoods today. Beach Blast Registration is officially underway!

2021 Beach Blast Registration Is Open!

2021 Beach Blast Registration Is Open!

As you know, most events from the past year had been cancelled due to the pandemic. As of right now most events have been cancelled through April at the convention center.

The 2020 Beach Blast date was cancelled on July 12th after they tried to reschedule it a few times.

With Cape Express opening up registration it’s a good sign that they think things will be better by summer!

The 19th Annual Cape Express Soccer Club will take place during the weekend of June 26 & 27, 2021 with the 12th Annual MORE Beach Blast taking place on July 17 & 18, 2021

For those haven’t heard of Beach Blast, it’s when youth and adult soccer teams from all over the East Coast compete in a barefoot soccer tournament on the beach!

Games are played on the Wildwood Beach, between Spencer and Poplar Avenues with over 1,000 teams competing! It has been named as the largest sand soccer tournament in the world!

There is an fee for participants but it’s free for spectators. 

Visit the Cape Express Beach Blast page for more information on pricing and tickets.

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