Car Catches Fire On Wildwood Crest Beach

A 911 call was placed roughly around 3:40pm on Monday for a car fire on the Wildwood Crest beach.

Car Catches Fire On Wildwood Crest Beach

Car Catches Fire On Wildwood Crest Beach

Located just 100 feet from the water line on St. Paul Ave, the Chevy Suburban SUV’s engine bay was on fire when Wildwood Crest Vol Fire Co’s Brush 4 appeared.

Shortly after their arrival the fire began to run the length of the car.

Within 20 minutes the Wildwood Crest Vol Fire Co was able to get the fire under control.

At this time there are no reporters injuries to this incident.

The fire is still being investigated but we noticed that certain Chevy Suburban SUV’s have had recalls for parts in their engine bay.

While this may not be related it’s a good reminder to always check in with your car’s manufacture to make sure your car doesn’t have any recalls.

Below are some photos and videos from the incident. Thank you to Ronald G Harwood and Teresa Will-Johnson for the photos and video.

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