Demolishing Piro’s Italian Restaurant

It’s always sad when popular restaurants around the Wildwoods get shut down forever.

Over the course of history the Wildwoods lost famous restaurants such as Zaberer’s, The Captain’s Table and Groffs. Sadly there is another name being added to this list, Piro’s Village Restaurant.

A few weeks back we reported that Piro’s Village Restaurant, which is located at 19th and New York Ave, could be coming down based on public noticed filed with the city.

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Demolition Trackers Are Sitting Outside Piro’s

In short, the public notice stated that three dwelling would be built in it’s place if approved. Today we are sad to report that Piro’s is no longer standing.

On Friday, February 12th, crews starting flattening the building. Within a few hours most of it had been sent to the dump.

The building had been serving out hot meals and memories since it opened in 1955.

The last time we had heard from Piro’s management was back on May 22nd 2020 saying that they were temporarily closed. Just like many other restaurants in New Jersey, the forced closing of indoor dining was a major cause of their closing. Another one was a death in the family.

During the day on Friday we stop back every few hours to document this building coming down.

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