Trump Plaza Pre-Demolition Drone Tour

On Wednesday February 17th the old Trump Plaza Resort and Casino will be history!

Trump Plaza Pre-Demolition Drone Tour

Trump Plaza Pre-Demolition Drone Tour

For the past few months the Hanes and Kibblehouse demolition company has been working hard to get the old tower ready to be demolished.

Oringally scheduled to be demolished in mid January, the date was pushed back due to ‘safety concerns.’

The Trump Plaza was built in 1984 and was closed back in 2014.

Due to the building falling apart and parts of the roof falling to the ground the Mayor of Atlantic City, Mayor Smart, told the new owner, Ichan Enterprises, that the building needs to come down.

The demolition and implosion will take place roughly around 9AM. Crews say to be on the eye of the weather as it will be the driving factor on if the implosion will be pushed.

For the demolition, streets around the tower (block on each side plus the beach) will be closed with no one allowed within the area.

Officials are asking those who want to watch, to view it from the old airport, Bader Field. Here it will cost you $10 a car.

Drones will not be permitted to fly within a half-mile of the implosion site.

With only days left until the building comes down, I decided to leave our Cape May County and take one final drone video to preserve the footage for history.

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