883-Pound Shark Tracked Off Atlantic City Coast

It’s not shark week on the Discovery channel yet but it might be in Atlantic City.

The ocean research organization, or what it’s more commonly known as, OCEARCH, announced that they captured an 883-pound shark off the coast of Atlantic City.

883-Pound Shark Tracked Of Atlantic City Coast

883-Pound Shark Tracked Of Atlantic City Coast

OCEARCH likes to tag sharks they catch so they can study their migration and patterns. Every time the shark breaks the surface of the water, the tag sends data to researchers.

This shark, which they call Freya, was tagged on Mar 25, 2021, off the coast of Onslow Bay North Carolina.

Freya is a sub-adult female white shark and her name was chosen by our partner Sea World. The name translates to “Noble Woman.”

Freya was named in homage to the noblewomen researchers on both Expedition Carolinas and on all past research expeditions who are working to uncover crucial shark insights related to their species’ conservation.

Freya pinged off the coast of Atlantic City on June 18th at 9:28 am as she made her way North.

If you want to track Freya CLICK HERE

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