Little Nicky’s and Pompeo’s Grand Opening This Friday!

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Over forty years of nostalgia at the corner of 17th and Boardwalk will be officially revisited this Friday, June 25th at 3:30 PM for the grand reopening of Little Nicky’s and Pompeo’s. As family restaurants formerly owned by the Klug family, both businesses bring generations of visitors sharing stories and making new memories.

Little Nicky’s and Pompeo’s Grand Opening This Friday!

Little Nicky’s and Pompeo’s Grand Opening This Friday!

When the businesses closed after 2017, the start of the North Wildwood boardwalk was only half full. For years the building sat vacant until property investor John Galdo purchased 1610 Boardwalk. After some renovations, Galdo’s daughter and her husband, the Pagan family, reopened Little Nicky’s. At the same time, Rich and Liz Merlino reopened Pompeo’s. Together the two families operate separate businesses with the same goal of revitalizing the 17th street corner and providing more family memories for years to come.

Both businesses opened last year during the pandemic and had stunted grand opening events, which is why they decided to officially reopen just before Independence Day this year. With hopes for a great season, the businesses look forward to the grand opening to showcase their improvements and hard work to others. 

Little Nicky’s focuses on providing fresh hot pizza, grill items, and their signature pig wings to customers. The Pagan family has years of experience in the industry and are big fans of meeting new people. That’s why customer service at Little Nicky’s is number one and the owners love to hear stories from decades-long customers. More information can be found at and @littlenickysnww

Pompeo’s serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with fresh hot coffee and quick items to go through their coffee bar, Cafe Mila. Focusing on quality ingredients and an upscale experience, Pompeo’s finds success in upgrading old traditions. Chef Rich Merlino’s experience comes through in every plate served, day and night. More information can be found at and @pompeosnw

All are invited to attend the grand opening at 3:30 PM. Little Nicky’s is open during and after the ceremony while Pompeo’s will provide light fare for invited guests after the ceremony before opening for dinner service at 5:30 PM.

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