A 1960s Wildwood Beach Day

The 1960s were a time like no other. The space age was taking off and music was changing from Frankie Avalon to the Beetles. It was this time when the Wildwoods were the hottest spot to be at.

From one-of-a-kind attractions like the Aqua Circus to the top-notch nightclubs, the Wildwoods were being branded as the Vegas of the East Coast.

It was in this time that all the mid-century motels were being built and that musicians made it a point to visit the Wildwoods to try out their new songs or to be ‘found.’

Here at the Wildwood Video Archive, we love the history of Cape May County. The biggest thing we do is find old 8mm and Super 8mm films and digitize them. We find the films in estate sales and on eBay.

The decade we seem to always find films for is the 1960s. whether it’s footage of the boardwalk or the beach, every second of the film is like a new time capsule.

Last year we did a video where we walked down the Wildwood boardwalk wearing a 1920s suit. This was an experiment to see how folks in the 1920s used to walk the boardwalk in the heat. It turned out to be not so bad.

This year our viewers suggested that we do a full 1960s beach day. This was something we couldn’t turn out.

We ran out, got the necessary items, and now we have a 1960s Beach Day. From a 1964 surfboard to a traditional beach setup, we have the 1960s covered.

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