A Peak Inside Wildwood's NEW Waves Hotel!

A Peak Inside Wildwood’s NEW Waves Hotel!

A Peak Inside Wildwood’s NEW Waves Hotel!

It’s grand opening day for Wildwood’s NEWEST hotel on the island, the Waves Hotel.

For those who don’t know, the Wave Hotel, is located at 4001 Atlantic Ave, (Spencer and Atlantic Aves).

We have been covering the construction of this property since day one and have brought you a monthly video update on the hotel.

Now that it’s finally done we were able to bring our cameras in to give you an inside look a the NEW Waves Hotel.

Now to get you up to speed on how we got to this point, I went ahead and linked in below all the updates we have done on the property…and yes there are a lot.

If you want to see the tour of The Waves Hotel scroll down a bit.

You may noticed in some of these updates that in the beginning it originally had the name of “The Paradise Motel.” That changed over time due to another motel in Wildwood being similar.

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Paradise Hotel Construction Update (Oct 26th)

Paradise Hotel Construction Update (Nov 7th)

NEW Wildwood Hotel Drone Update (Dec 3rd)

NEW Wildwood Hotel Drone Update (Jan 25th)

Waves Hotel Construction Update – Feb 20th

Waves Hotel Drone Video Update – March 2nd

Waves Hotel Construction Update – April 24th

Waves Hotel Construction Update – May 19th

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