A Ride Is Coming Back to Morey’s Pier!

We are in the full swing of the Off-season. For those who don’t know, Our off-season runs from the end of October to mid-Spring. Things are still opening during the off-season but many things on the boardwalk.

During this time many of the businesses down here take the opportunity to clean up and get things ready for the upcoming season.

For Morey’s Piers the off-season is one of their businesses time of years.

Since they are closed off to the public, Morey’s uses this time to change things on the pier.

With Morey’s Piers superb safety standards, they use the off-season to take rides apart, repair any parts, paint rides, conduct safety inspections, and move rides around.

At this point we have already pointed out to you several weeks ago that Morey’s Piers is rehabbing Rollie’s Coaster.

If you want to watch a video showing the ride taken apart click the link below.

Morey’s Rollie’s Coaster Is GONE!!!

This isn’t the only project Morey’s is working on. They are currently removing the Sunny statue outside Mariner’s Pier.

One project I know that people will be excited for is the return of a certain children’s ride.

Last year the Balloon Race, located at the bottom ride side of Surfside Pier was missing from the pier.

Morey’s had removed the ride since it needed a part replaced. Due to the pandemic, the ride part was delayed, like many of our own shipping packages. (Did anyone else wait 7 weeks for a mattress?)

Since the ride had already been disassembled Morey’s decided to remove it instead of it sitting apart on the pier.

Now it’s time for the good news. This past week we did our annual ‘walk around the piers’ video, which you can watch below, and we can confirm that the foundation and base of the ride are back in place.

In the video, we walk around the pier and showcase what Surfside pier looks like this off-season.

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