Morey’s Rollie’s Coaster Is GONE!!!

We are deep into the offseason here in the Wildwoods and as you know there are many different projects taking place. From the crazy amount of building on Pacific Ave to a few demolitions, our monthly construction videos are being close to 30 minutes long!

The main objective today was to get a bunch of drone videos together to update you on the Wildwood Boardwalk renovation project.

The Wildwood Boardwalk renovation project is a $4 million project which will see the reconstruction and refurbishing parts of the Wildwood Boardwalk.

If you would like to learn more about The Wildwood Boardwalk renovation project click the link below.

Wildwood Boardwalk Reconstruction Project Underway

I had plans to record this stuff next week with the weather looking funky I figured let’s knock it out now.

After viewing the footage we noticed something did not look right on Morey’s piers. Mariner’s Pier in particular).

Morey’s Piers is always number one when it comes to safety on their piers. They use the Off-season to do a deep dive on ride maintenance.

For some rides, Morey’s wraps them in a certain plastic to keep them away from the elements. Other times Morey’s Piers completely dissembles rides to keep it in running order.

The footage had shown us that one of Morey’s roller coasters has been removed. Rollie’s Coaster, which was placed on the pier in 1999, is a kids coaster located on the back left of the pier.

All that was left of this coaster was the footprint of where the ride used to stand.

I decided to do a little investigating for you to figure out what’s going on! I made sure to bring the drone along and so Below you can check out our video.

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