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Movie STAR Spotted In Cape May!

Movie STAR Spotted In Cape May!!!

If you were in Cape May this past weekend you may have had a run in with a famous movie star! Bradley Cooper, who has starred in countless movies from “A Star Is Born,” “The Hangover,” “Silver Linings Playbook” to “The Hangover,” visited our area on Saturday.

Rumors first started circulating around 5 pm on Saturday that Cooper was walking the Washington Street Mall.

These rumors were confirmed when Wildwood Video Archive viewer, Bernadette Bell Ferraro, send us photos! (See Below)

Bradley Cooper In Cape May

Bradley Cooper In Cape May

Cooper’s Mother has a place in Brigantine so more than likely he was visiting her and they decided to take a day trip. He did attend the Eagles game on Sunday. This could be why we beat the New Orleans Saints 40 to 29.

[We delayed writing this article as we do believe celebrities need vacations without worrying about fans]

This isn’t the first time we have had a celebrity spotting here in Cape May.

Over the past few years, our area has seen a decent amount. Oprah makes Cape May a stop at least once a year. Oprah’s Partner, Stedman Graham, has family nearby.

Tina Fey also makes Cape May/Wildwood an annual Trip. She even includes Cape May in some of her scripts. Check out an interview of Fey talking about Cape May by clicking the link below. (She talks about how she loves the spookiness of Cape May)

Tina Fey Talks Cape May On Tonight Show

Other celebrities we have seen down here are Gayle King, Anne Hathaway, and Alan Cummings.

One of the bigger celebrities that used to visit Stone Harbor and Cape May was Taylor Swift. Her family used to rent a house over in Stone Harbor. There are always rumors of her visiting from time to time but the most recent proof we have of her is from 2011.

What celebrities have you seen down here? Let us know!

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