A Spooky Wildwood Ferris Wheel

A Spooky Wildwood Ferris Wheel

A Spooky Wildwood Ferris Wheel

Even though Morey’s Piers is closed for the summer season, they are still putting a smile on our faces years round via the ferris wheel.

For every season Morey’s Piers lites up their ferris wheel with that season’s theme. For Winter it’s Santa and snowflakes, for Spring it’s an Easter bunny and an Easter egg and for fall it’s Halloween.

Friday October 19th was the first night of the off-season that the ferris wheel was lit for Fall. This year’s light show was a skeleton, a Jack-o’-lantern and a bloodshot eye.

We wanted to share with you this fun Morey’s has every year with a video of it.

In the video below we decided to film the ferris wheel from two different zooms and angles.

The first video is filmed from the boardwalk with the second video filmed from 30 feet off the ground via a drone. Shot in 4k we are able to adjust the light and zoom it in so it feels like it’s right in front of you!

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