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Saying Goodbye To Sam’s Pizza (Season End)

Saying Goodbye To Sam's Pizza (Season End)

Saying Goodbye To Sam’s Pizza (Season End)

Saying Goodbye To Sam’s Pizza (Season End)

For me this is the official end of the summer season here on the Wildwood Boardwalk. Yes I know Summer ended officially and unofficially weeks or months ago. This may be true but hear me out.

The smell of Sam’s Pizza is the smell of summer. When they open every February it’s a sign that summer is heading it’s way towards us. We have countdowns until we are able to have a slice and a small birch beer. (Or if your like me you can’t wait to dip their crust in birch beer). 

By using the link below you can see our vlog of the opening day at Sam’s Pizza this year.

Sam’s Pizza Opening Day (Vlog)

Once Sam’s opens everything starts opening slowly after it. So I hope you understand why we consider this the end of the season.

Today, October 21st Sam’s Pizza closed for the season. I went ahead and stopped by around the last 10 minutes of their season to film it before they closed. Check out the video below.

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