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Admiral Motel Under Renovations – Wildwood Crest

Admiral Motel Under Renovations – Wildwood Crest

The power tools in Wildwood Crest are in full swing. This off-season we are seeing an unprecedented amount of construction taking place on motels throughout the island.

Some of the motels having work done on them include The Oceanview, The Ocean Holiday, The Carideon Motel, The Singapore Motel (now condos), and The Admiral Motel.

It’s this time of year where motels get the tender love and care they need in order for them to be in ship shape for the upcoming summer.

The Admiral Motel, located at 7200 Ocean Avenue in Wildwood Crest, is going through some of these renovations.

In a construction video we posted back in December we found that the Admiral was doing some kind of work to its rooms.

We later returned to film a drone video of the property, which you can see at the bottom of this article.

All we can see from the video is that the large glass windows are being replaced by smaller windows that can open.

One would assume that this change is being made so that the rooms can stay cooler during the summertime.

Large pieces of glass are known to allow more light and heat into the rooms. By putting in smaller windows this could save the motel a ton of money in cooling costs.

On top of the window change, we are seeing new doors installed. Overall it looks like the blue that was used to decorate the building has been removed.

There will be a new “Wildwoods Construction Update” video uploaded to our YouTube channel later this week. Be sure to keep an eye out for it as we will update you on twelve projects taking place in the Wildwoods.

Below is our tour video of the Admiral Motel. Before you watch please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel.

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