Another MASSIVE Project Coming To Pacific Ave

Another MASSIVE Project Coming To Pacific Ave

Another MASSIVE Project Coming To Pacific Ave

We got some exciting news coming out of the Wildwoods today. BG Capital announced today that they have acquired more property on the island and plan on building yet another amazing project.

For those who don’t know, BG Capital has been at the heart of many of the construction projects taking place in the Wildwoods.

It all started when they built Seaport Pier, the bar & grill, live-music venue and private swim club at 22nd and the Boardwalk.

Since then they have been purchasing land all over Wildwood with plans to turn them into major projects.

They are the company that are building the Residences on Pacific Ave (at the location of 2nd St. Annies/Fairview) and is in talks to purchase the old St. Anns school (Cape Trinity School), located at 2901 New Jersey Ave.

If you want to read more about those projects click the links below.

Wildwood’s Saint Ann’s School To Become Condos

Demolition Underway On NEW Pacific Ave Project

The new project they are bringing will take place at 3816 Pacific Ave. This address is the old VFW 3509 building). Oringally this building was going to become home to the “East Coast Music Hall of Fame” but that fell through.

BG Capital says in their post that “the parcel is a 9,000 SF development lot that will be part of our upcoming new construction projects along the Pacific Ave Corridor.”

While there aren’t plans on the table on what will be brought to this location, our sources tell us that they might be purchasing the old Joey M’s “La Piazza” location which sits right next store to the VFW. If this is true we could see another building as big as the Residences on Pacific Ave.

Be sure to stay tuned for more details as they come out!

There are so many other Wildwood projects taking place in the Wildwoods. We decided to film them all for you to check out! Watch the video below for all the details.