Riggins Gas Station Demolition To Start Soon

Crews at the Riggins Gas Station, located at 325 W Rio Grande Ave, have been very busy getting the area ready to be knocked down.

Riggins Gas Station Demolition To Start Soon

Riggins Gas Station Demolition To Start Soon

For those who don’t know, Riggins Gas Station, it’s two service garages and the house on 310 Taylor are getting knocked down.

In it’s place will be a NEW Sinclair Gas Station with dinosaur, and a retail building with 16 parking spaces. If you want to check out the mockups and the blue prints click the link below.

(Doo-Wop) Sinclair Gas Station Coming To Wildwood

A few weeks ago dumpsters arrived and crews were ripping the house siding down and parts of the service garage. Since then a fence had been placed on the outline of the property.

According to our sources the area is now ready to be knocked down to get the property ready for the new building.

The project is slated to be completed and open by the Spring of 2021.

There are so many other projects taking place all over the island. We went ahead and filmed a video recapping all of the construction projects taking place. Check it out below and please subscribe!

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