Wildwood Construction Projects – Jan 2021

There are so many different projects going on through-out the entire island. This seems like the most action going on since 2006.

Wildwood Construction Projects - Jan 2021

Wildwood Construction Projects – Jan 2021

Two months ago I recorded a video showcasing all the projects taking place.In that video I said we would return ever 4-6 weeks to give you updates. If you want to watch that video click the link below

Wildwood Construction Projects – Recap Nov 2020

All of these projects are in different phases and instead of creating individual videos for each of them I figured it would be easier to hit them all in one video.

In this video we will hit the following projects (Note, some have a link. Click them for more information)

I will be making bigger videos for some of these projects but if there is one you want a video on let me know in the comment section!

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