Great White Coaster Gets Partial Re-Track

About a week ago we shared a photo on our Facebook page, The Wildwood Boardwalk, showing a giant crane hanging over the South West side of the Great White coaster.

For those not familiar with the Great White coaster, it’s a hybrid coaster made up with a metal frame and a wooden track. Located on Morey’s Adventure Pier, it was built in 1996 at a coast of 5.5 Million. (That’s over 9.3 million in 2020’s money).

If you want to see photos of the Great White being built click the link below.

TBT – The Great White Being Built

In it’s time the coaster has gone through many refurbishments with it’s most recent re-tracking taking place in the mid 2010s.

We know from a press release in October 2019 that the Great White would be receiving new trains in the 2021 summer season but we weren’t quite sure what the crane was for.

After doing a bit of digging we found out that a part of the Great White track is being rebuilt!

The part that is seeing some love is the final fan curve all the way into the breaking section. This will make a completely smooth ride!

We were able to obtain some photos of the construction and photos of the old parts of the track in the dumpster.

Take a look below.

Great White Coaster Gets Partial Re-Track

Great White Coaster Gets Partial Re-Track

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