Major Update On the Singapore Motel

For the past few years we have been visiting and reporting on the Singapore Motel because we noticed it wasn’t opening for the summers.

Major Update On the Singapore Motel

Major Update On the Singapore Motel

For those who don’t know, the Singapore is located at 507-15 East Orchid Road in Wildwood Crest. Back in 2017 the Singapore and the Ocean View were listed online with an asking price of $24,995,000 though the properties never sold.

In summer of 2018 we didn’t notice much change in the motel as it opened but in 2019 something strange took place.

Memorial Day Weekend 2019 came and past and it was June that it was clear that the Singapore Motel wasn’t going to open.

After doing some digging it turned out that the motel was having structural issues. Some of their supports had to be replaced before they could allow guests to stay. The motel went the full summer without welcoming a single guest.

Fast forward to May 2020. Even without the pandemic here we knew that the Singapore Motel wasn’t going to open this year. It has been talked about around town that a major upgrade was coming to the building.

In a notice for an upcoming Zoning Board for the Borough of Wildwood Crest we finally got our answer on what’s going on.

According to the agenda Singapore Hotel is looking for permission to go condo.

The wording reads;

“…the application of the undersigned for preliminary and final site plan approval to convert the existing Singapore motel located at 507-15 East Orchid Road, Wildwood Crest, New Jersey to a multifamily residential structure.”

What makes the application interesting is that they are also looking for permission to add a third story on to the existing motel.

As it reads; “The project will include various improvements to the site including, without limitation, increasing the westerly two-story portion of the structure to three stories.”

At the end of the day we are sad to hear that the Singapore motel will be no more but we are happy that portions of the building will still be standing.

Tune back later for more details.

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