(Doo-Wop) Sinclair Gas Station Coming To Wildwood

We have some AMAZING news coming out of the Wildwoods today!

(Doo-Wop) Sinclair Gas Station Coming To Wildwood

(Doo-Wop) Sinclair Gas Station Coming To Wildwood

Back in August when we did our final tour of the Rio Grande Gateway project we teased that there was a big renovation that will take place at the Riggins Gas Station at 325 Rio Grande Ave.

If you want to what that video tour click the link below.

Rio Grande Gateway Project Tour (Completed)

Today we are pleased to announce that Sinclair Gas is coming to the Wildwoods in this location.

It’s more than just a gas station. Sinclair Gas has a retro aspect dating back to the early 1900s. During the 1950s and 60s they made day trips extra fun with their fun green dinosaur. Parents would get gas there because their kids closed to look at the Dino.

Sinclair gas hasn’t have a chain in South Jersey during it’s rein and just recently they starting popping up in the state.

This new renovation will bring 6 gas pumps, a building with possible (3) store fronts, plenty of parking and to finish it off the retro green dino, green gas pump and a retro sign. (The Video Has All The Renderings And Blue Prints)

This rill surely fit in with the retro Mcdonald’s, TD bank sign, and Wawa!

Were able to obtain the renderings of the new gas station and so today we decided to walk around the building and give you a tour. (plus we took the drone up to show you what it looks like).

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