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Was Jimmy Buffett In Cape May This Week?

Was Jimmy Buffett In Cape May This Week?

There seems to be an developing story that is taking place in Cape May Country.

Was Jimmy Buffett In Cape May This Week?

Was Jimmy Buffett In Cape May This Week?

On Monday, a Seaplane with tail number N208JB had landed at the Cape May County Airport.

Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum, who posted a photo of the plane, noted that it’s tail number (N208JB) pointed out that it is owned by the famous singer Jimmy Buffett.

Due to his travels all over the world, Jimmy owns six airplanes, some like this seaplane that can land on runways or on water.

To see his airplane at our airport is kind of a big deal but the question is what Buffett on the plane.

According to social media, on Sunday Jimmy Buffett was spotted at the Chesapeake Inn Restaurant And Marina in Delaware sailing his custom boat with a crew.

His plane had landed in at the Cape May County Airport at 5:20PM after taking off from Summit Aviation in New Castle Delaware. Summit Aviation is only an 9 minute car ride so it is possible he was on the plane.

On Monday, after spending the night in CMC, the plane took off at 8:55am towards to Summit only return back to CMC at 10:50am without landing.

Later on at 2:37pm, N208JB left CMC for the last time with an ending destination in the Hamptons, where Buffett has a house (in Sag Harbor).

So once again it begs the question, was Buffett in Cape May? I guess we will never know the answer but if you heard someone humming “Margaritaville” at Congress hall, you know who it was!

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