Rio Grande Gateway Project Tour (Completed)

Rio Grande Gateway Project Tour (Completed)

Rio Grande Gateway Project Tour (Completed)

The Rio Grande Gateway project is 98% completed! Over the past year we have been making trips to Rio Grande Ave to give you updates on where the project is at. Our last update was on Mary 27th. Click the link below for that tour

NEW Wildwood Sign – Tour Video

For those who have no idea what the project is, the Rio Grande Gateway project is a multi-million dollar project that will rehab Rio Grande Avenue by raising the road by 30 inches to help curb flooding. A new pumping system is also included with the project.

As promised in all my videos, I said that when the project was completed I would give you a big tour. Here is that tour,

Keep in mind that when I used 98% I use that loosely. They still need to finish the park (between TD Bank and the Urgent Care) and the pump station (behind the giant wall).

Remember that most of the work done was under the ground and now we are just waiting on these two things to be done.

Let’s get started on the tour. Before we get started be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking this link . We are trying to hit 100K subscribers!

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