Tropical Storm Possible For Our Area Next Week

For the past few days we have been keeping an eye on Hurricane Isaias,

Tropical Storm Possible For Our Area Next Week

Tropical Storm Possible For Our Area Next Week

According to , Isaias may impact a sizable part of the East Coast as far north as New England. The good news for us is that by the time is comes up our way it should be a tropical storm.

While the track of the storm is still up in the air, it currently shows that no matter what we will be getting tropical storm conditions.

With the current forecast, the threat for Tropical Storm Force winds (39 mph to 73 mph) will increase Monday night and continue into Tuesday night, especially along the Delaware and New Jersey coasts.

The heaviest of the winds for the Delaware and New Jersey coasts is Tuesday morning

The first effects from Isaias will likely be in the form of increased swells and rip current risks along the Atlantic coasts of Delaware and New Jersey later this weekend and through the first several days of next week.

Heavy rainfall could become a concern, mostly likely between Monday night through Tuesday night. If you live in a flood area be sure to have your car on higher ground. It’s important that you tie down anything that could fly.

Keep in mind that this forecast will change as Hurricane Isaias progresses into the weekend.

Tune back later for more info.

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