Another Wildwood Neon Sign Sent To The Dumpster

That’s right folks! Sadly yet another Wildwood Neon Sign has made its way into a dumpster.

It makes me sad to see such a thing happen. Here at the Wildwood Video Archive we strive to save Wildwood history. Let me fill you in!

On January 23rd we had heard some chatter that “The Fairview,” which is located at 3615 Pacific Ave in Wildwood, was sold to a company listed as “Crazy Leprechaun.” (No relation to the bar and grill in Philadelphia). According to public records (Click To See Public Records), this was true and got us very excited! But, a few days ago we got a phone call from a source saying that they were not going to keep the name Fairview.

This of course got us interested in what they were going to do with their two twenty (20) foot long signs. We tried to contact them but were unable to find a phone number, email or website to reach them. Today I am sad to announce that both signs are now sitting in a dumpster waiting to be picked up and trashed. 

I decided to drive down there and take some last minute photos and videos (video below). I didn’t get down there until after sunset so the video was shot in the dark with flash lights.  We also have photos below the video.

***I just want to do a quick PSA. If you know of someone that is throwing away a neon sign in Wildwood, please tell them to reach out to us. I want to do anything in my power to save our signs. This is our history and it needs to be preserved! ***

Now for the video! 

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