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Another Starbucks Is Coming To Middle Township

Another Starbucks Is Coming To Middle Township

The Wildwoods aren’t the only ones that are going through a construction boom. Our sister town of Middle Township is also seeing much movement on that front.

Another Starbucks To Come To Middle Township

Another Starbucks To Come To Middle Township

A few months ago we announced that Rio Grande was getting the first Chipotle restaurant in Cape May County. If you want to read about that article click the link below.

Chipotle Confirmed For Rio Grande

Now we found out that a few new spots will be calling Middle Township home.

The Pier One Imports building, located at 5 Court House South Dennis Road in Cape May Court House, has been sitting empty since the once giant retailer went bankrupted.

In a Facebook post online, the mayor of Middle Township, Tim Donohue, announced the news;

“Dear readers,

After clandestine consultations with Lady Whistledown it seems new information has come to light on the burning question of the current season…what shall become of the former Pier One location in CMCH?

It seems that word has seeped from an employee of the offices of the Lord of the Shopping Center.

To the best of this writer’s knowledge, Verizon, Starbucks and a new location of The Taco Shop (by Chef Lukas) will grace the now empty environs of the much speculated over location.”

Of course if you are fans of the Bridgerton series you would get the subtle joke of why it was written like that. (You might even hear it as though Julie Andrews read it).

Back on topic. This means that three shops will occupy the old Pier One building.

We are very excited for the new Starbucks as it gives our Hospital staff a closer trip to get that hot cup of joe!

We wish Chef Lukas the best of luck (those tacos are amazing)!

There are so many projects taking place in the Wildwoods. If you want to see what we have in store check out the video below.

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