Icona Diamond Beach Scales Back Expansion

Currently Icona is working on many different projects at the same time. These projects consists of “The Mahalo” (the former Ocean Holiday) in Wildwood, “Icona Diamond Beach” and a possible third hotel in Cape May under the Mahalo brand.

Icona Diamond Beach Scales Back Expansion

Icona Diamond Beach Scales Back Expansion

This past week we learned that Icona Diamond Beach will be scaling back some of their orignal plans.

We first revealed the blue prints for the renovation and expansion for Icona Diamond Beach a few months ago.

If you want to check out the video and blueprints check out the link below.

Icona Diamond Beach To Get OverHauled

The original plans called for the addition of 20 rooms, an 18,000 square foot sundeck with a new infinity edge heated outdoor pool and an outdoor banquet facility.

According to a planning/zoning meeting, which took place on January 7th, the applicant submitted an application to amend their site.

The application goes on to say that they now want to maintain the existing site conditions including the 122 parking spaces, pool and other site amenities and continue with the construction of the 20th united on the 6th floor. They will also continue with the third floor banquet facility with a fixed roof.

So what does this mean? Ultimately the major changes is that they will no longer be receiving the infinity pool, the sundeck and half of the additional covered parking. This means that the current pool and parking spaces won’t be touched.

With the completion of the 6th floor, the hotel will have a total of 130 units which is what was called for on the blueprints.

We are unsure what would have caused this change in their plans but we are glad they are still pushing forward with the other aspects of the expansion.

There are many other projects taking place all around the island. We put together a video detailing most of the projects. Check it out below.

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