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NEW Massive Hotel To Be Built In Wildwood!!

NEW Massive Hotel To Be Built In Wildwood!!

Earlier in the week we said that Wildwood hasn’t seen this much contraction going on since the building boom of 2006. It turns out we were square on the money.

Currently there are over 17 major projects going on all over the Wildwoods. We detailed about 14 of these projects in a article and a video. Click the link below to see both of them.

Wildwood Construction Projects – Jan 2021

It turns out that we needed to add two more projects to that running list.

It was only Tuesday night that we learned that the of VFW will become housing. You can click the link below to read the article about that.

Another MASSIVE Project Coming To Pacific Ave

Now we found out that there is a massive hotel that is being proposed for the City of Wildwood.

According to a Planning/Zoning Board application submitted to the city of Wildwood, the permit filed calls for the construction of a hotel building containing 96 hotel room units.

The property is located at 222 East Schellenger Avenue, Wildwood, New Jersey and consists of Lots 7, 21 and 27 in Block 173 on the Tax Map of the City of Wildwood.

Looking on the tax map this the lots mentioned above are the locations for some iconic buildings on Schellenger including The Stardust Nightclub, Colleens (old Neil’s Steak House) and the parking lot between them.

We did a tour of Colleens (old Neil’s Steak House) just before it caught fire. You can check out that video by clicking the link below.

Exploring The Abandoned Neils Restaurant

We put together a photo showing you in red where the new proposed hotel will be going. The green outline represents where the new Residence on Pacific Ave will be located


The application doesn’t state too much about the hotel other then it will have a pool.

A public hearing has been scheduled for February 1, 2021 at 6:00 P.M., at City Hall.

We are sad to see the Stardust and Neils go but unfortunately these buildings have sat empty for the past three years. A new hotel would breathe energy into this section of town.

Along with this project we also have the new “Residences on Pacific Ave” being built right next door. This project will take up the current locations of the Fairway, 2nd St. Annie’s and M.T. Bottles.

They plan on knocking down this building shortly. We went by there on Monday to give you one final tour before it’s history. Check out the video below.