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Another Starbucks Near Wildwood?

Another Starbucks Near Wildwood?

It’s no secret that America loves a good Starbucks Coffee. Us personally would rather have local coffee from The Wild Fox Cafe, Five Mile Grind, A Little Cafe and Magic Brain Cafe.

Since some of those places are only seasonal people make the trip off the island to Rio Grande to visit their Starbucks.

In a recent message sent to us, a visitor asked if there was any other Starbucks nearby. You see they said that there was a rumor that there was another Starbucks near Wildwood other than the one in Rio Grande.

This is actually true.

The current closest Starbucks to the Wildwoods is located at 3308 Rte 9 Street in Rio Grande but this isn’t the one they are talking about. 

There was a brand new Starbucks just built and opened in Cape May Courthouse. This location has only been open for about two months now and is located at 5 Courthouse South Dennis Road.

To put it simply, it’s located in the shopping center near the Cape Regional Medical Center (and in the parking lot of ACME.

This location used to be the Pier One Imports building. The building was renovated and subdivided. In that one location you can find The Taco Shop, A Verizon store and Starbucks. (Though more stores could be coming to this location).

There are more rumors of another one coming closer to the Wildwoods. This rumor says that it could be located on Rio Grande Avenue. Since we don’t like to report on rumors and only report on facts, we will leave that as a rumor.

Tune back later for more details.

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